Meet The Chef

Meet the chefs that will be participating at this year’s Good Taste Atlanta. Stay tuned for a new chef highlight every week leading up to the event.

About the Chef:

Chef Jen and Bryan are co-head chefs at The Brunch Apothecary in Dacula. Chef Jen is originally from New Hampshire and Chef Bryan from Gainesville, GA.

Culinary Background/Training:
Chef Jen: I went to school for graphic design but just loved cooking for my roommates. My aunt, grandmother and mom influenced my love for cooking early on and I just taught myself and worked my way up from there.

Chef Bryan: Since I was a teenager I was working under my dad who is also the chef at Rico’s World Kitchen in Buford. I learned a lot from him and then just ran with my own style.

Favorite Culinary Memory:
Chef Jen: While cooking for my roommates once I decided to try peppercorn..let’s just say it didn’t come out well.

Chef Bryan: I remember attending a food show with my dad in Orlando and he got me a knife with my name on it. It was like ‘passing the torch’.

What We’ll be Tasting at Good Taste Atlanta:
Our famous Shrimp & (locally sourced) Grits

What We will WHIP-UP on the Cooking Demo Stage:
Skirt Steak and Chimichurri

On MY Bucket List:
Chef Jen: I want to go to Spain...and Portugal. love the overly embellished arts, scenery, and of course, food.

Chef Bryan: I want to go to Japan to experience the seafood, how it’s supposed to be. Love the culture.

About the Restaurant:
The Brunch Apothecary offers the “cures for what ails you” serving up locally sourced food. Specialties including chicken & churros waffles, shrimp & grits, the largest biscuits you’ll ever have, plus daily specials. Stay tuned, dinner is starting soon!!

2595 Fence Road NE, Dacula. Visit


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