Meet The Chef

Meet the chefs that will be participating at this year’s Good Taste Atlanta. Stay tuned for a new chef highlight every week leading up to the event.

About the Chef:

Originally from Altamonte Springs, Florida, Pitmaster Dee Bouey grew up loving to barbecue. During a family reunion with cousin Edmund Nelson, Dee was talked into moving to Georgia to start a barbecue food stand (the restaurant would come later) and Ed-Dee’s BBQ was born (representing both Edmund and Dee’s names).

Culinary Background:
Dee has been barbequeing for over 30 years now, starting out in the backyard doing it for friends and family. “I just stuck to the basics at first - chicken wings, and they loved it” says Bouey. And it grew from there, learning to do ribs next and more recently brisket. Dee’s style of cooking is a bit different than other barbeque places with his mixture of charcoal and wood - indirect and direct heat.

Favorite Culinary Memory:
Dee says his favorite moment is everytime he goes home to visit with family and friends and they ask him if he’s ‘still got it’. He whips up something on grill and the look on their faces shows it - he’s still got it.

What I’ll be Tasting at Good Taste GWINNETT:
Chopped Pork Rib Tips, Smoked Chicken, Mac & Cheese and Baked Beans

Fun Fact:
Dee loves to fish. “Fresh water fishing is my favorite”.

On MY Bucket List:
Dee would like to enter a cooking/BBQ competition or contest one day, just to see if “I’ve got it”.

You’ll love the environment. Whether you’re in the mood for a great meal or night out with friends, Edee’s Place is your place.

2300 Liam Ave, Suite 105, Dacula Visit